Thirty-one seismological observatories are expected to come up in the country by the end of the year to boost information gathering capabilities. The National Centre of Seismology (NCS), a unit of the Union Ministry of Earth Science, will install these observatories.

What does NCS do?
The NSC maintains a National Seismological Network (NSW) comprising 84 seismological laboratories across the country. These observatories record seismological activities after an earthquake and pass on the data to a control room, which generates relevant data on the quake.

This crucial piece of information comprising the time, magnitude and location of the quake is then passed on to the Prime Minister’s Office, the Cabinet Secretariat, Ministries, State governments and District Collectors.

What is the need for more observatories?
More observatories give precise readings in terms of location and timing. The plan is to take the total number of seismological observatories to 116 by the end of the year, to reduce the time taken to give details about an earthquake from 5 minutes to 3-4 minutes.