What is Base Movement?
Base movement is a mysterious organisation under investigation for three blasts at court complexes in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala.

When was the Base Movement formed?
It was on January 26, 2014 that N. Abbas Ali (27), a painter in the temple city of Madurai took an oath with his four friends to establish the ‘Base Movement’ in India, a recently discovered terrorist outfit responsible for explosions at five judicial courts since April this year.

Why was it formed?
Their aim was to ‘Islamise’ the country and since they were against the barbaric practices of Islamic State, falling back on al-Qaeda was the natural choice.

A senior Home Ministry official said till last year, the group limited its activities to sending letters to various jails and other district authorities citing grievances against the jail administration. But, this year onwards, it started planting explosives at courts.

Who is the chief of the group?
N. Abbas Ali, a painter who also owns a small library in the name of Dar-ul-Ilm, which primarily stocked religious books, in Nelpettai in the heart of Madurai city. It was here that the five friends took the bayan (oath) pledging their allegiance to the Base Movement, inspired by the al-Qaeda.

What is the significance of the name of the group?
‘Al’ of ‘al-Qaeda’ means ‘Base’ in Arabic, and the five friends, who were inspired by the global terrorist outfit, decided to name their group after that.