Amendments to be introduced in Groundwater Management Bill: 
The Water Ministry is planning amendments to a Bill on groundwater management that will impose restrictions on how companies, farmers and various groups can use groundwater.

Industries can only use recycled water, and activities such as gardening would require the use of treated sewage water. Extracting pristine water from aquifiers, the norm in much of the country, would be sharply regulated.

Failing to adhere to this would invite “stringent punishment”.

Rainwater harvesting:
This included guaranteeing every individual a certain amount of water “for life” and protecting groundwater from undue exploitation and pollution as well as mandating the use of rainwater harvesting in residential projects.

Earlier this year, the Ministry had made public a draft Bill that proposed significant changes to the way groundwater would be regulated. The Government is planning amendments to the Bill and will soon bring the bill to Parliament.