Uttar Pradesh's new BJP government under Yogi Adityanath has implemented one of the key promises made by the party in its election manifesto by setting up an 'Anti-Romeo Squad' to check eve-teasing, stalking, harassment of women and moreover, to bring the controversial 'love jihad' under control.

What role will the Anti-Romeo Squad play?
1.  For the first time, a top-to-bottom policing system has been set up across the state to control crimes against women.

2. Each police station shall form a squad by taking women cops along with their male counterparts. Team members will be in plainclothes as well as in uniform.

3. They will keep a close watch in specific areas like girls’ schools and colleges, market places, malls, cinema halls and gatherings where the presence of girls will be larger in number, making the areas prone to eve-teasing incidents.

4. Nobody will be intentionally harassed. Every action will be within the ambit of law. For the first-timers, we’ll warn them and leave. But habitual offenders will be taken to task.

The objective of this operation is to create fear among eve-teasers that they won’t be able to get away with crime.