The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has returned to power after his Conservative party won an absolute majority in the country’s general elections. The party won 365 out of the total 650 parliamentary seats.

Opposition gets a beating

The election result was disastrous for the opposition Labour party, which saw an overall 8% drop⤵ in its vote share. It was the party’s worst showing in the last three decades. Its leader Jeremy Corbyn has announced that he would stand down before the next election.

Brexit pledge did the trick

It’s been three and a half years since the British public voted in favour of the Brexit referendum. While the Conservative party was firmly in favour of implementing it, the Labour party in its manifesto promised another referendum on this issue if voted to power.

In the past, several attempts made by Boris Johnson to get the withdrawal bill passed in the parliament were unsuccessful on account of his party’s lack of a majority.

Earlier this year, his predecessor, Theresa May even had to resign due to Brexit-related politics within the party.

All clear now

Now that the Conservative party has enough MPs in the parliament, it will fast-track the Brexit process. It will lead to the withdrawal of UK from the European Union on January 31st.

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