TAL  (Tata Advanced Systems Limited) shows off indigenous industrial robot that matches human labour functions

About Brabo
1. It looks like any other industrial automation machine, but ‘Brabo’ is more than just that.

2. Designed and manufactured by TAL, a Tata Motors subsidiary, it is touted as India’s first indigenously made industrial articulated robot for micro, small and medium enterprises.

3. Except for the driver and motor of robot, all other components are made in India.

What all can Brabo do?
Brabo can handle payloads of up to 10 kg and manage raw material as well as product packaging in the final stage. At present, the manufacturer has released two variants for payloads of 2 kg and 10 kg.

Possible benefits of Brabo
1. The robots will ensure product quality is maintained, and this, in turn, will improve competitiveness. As a consequence, Indian industry at the small and medium enterprise level will grow.

2. At Rs. 5 lakh to Rs. 7 lakh, it is up to 40% cheaper than imported robots.

3. Since it is indigenously developed, the spare parts and annual maintenance will be cheaper.

(Adapted from The Hindu)