Centre may have to pass resolution in Parliament to merge the budgets
The Centre may have to pass a resolution in Parliament in the upcoming session to finally put an end to the practice of presenting a separate Rail Budget.

Although the Constitution does not provide for a separate Rail Budget, it was separated from general finances after a resolution was passed in the Legislative Assembly (now Parliament) based on the recommendations made by the Acworth Committee in 1921.

Based on the recommendations made by Acworth Committee, it was decided that the separation of Railway Finances be effected by means of a resolution to be laid before the Legislative Assembly (now Parliament) and that the Assembly be asked to agree to it, on conditions of anonymity. The matter was placed before the House, which voted the Convention resolution of 1924.
At Present, Union Government has passed an executive order to merge the Railway Budget with General Budget.

Opposition Claim
After the Union Cabinet approved merger of railway and general Budget, opposition parties attacked the government for not consulting the Parliament.