The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs has approved the proposal for renaming and restructuring of Multi-sectoral Development Programme (MsDP) as Pradhan Mantri Jan Vikas Karyakram (PMJVK).  CCEA has also approved its continuation during the remaining period of the 14th Finance Commission.


  • The restructured programme would provide better socio-economic infrastructure facilities to the minority communities particularly in the field of education, health & skill development as compared to the present situation, which would further lead to lessening of the gap between the national average and the minority communities with regard to backwardness parameters. The flexibility introduced in the programme will enable addressing important issues that would result in speedier implementation leading to greater inclusiveness of the minority communities.


  • The criteria for identification of Minority Concentration Towns and Clusters of Villages have been rationalized by lowering the population percentage criteria of Minority Communities and fulfilment of backwardness parameters in the following manners: –


  • Earlier only those Towns which were found backward in terms of both in Basic Amenities and Socio-economic parameters were taken up as MCTs. Now, the Towns which were found backward in either or both of the criteria have been taken up as MCT.


  • Earlier only those Cluster of Villages which were having at-least 50% population of Minority Community were taken. Now the population criteria has been lowered to 25%.


  • These rationalizations of criteria would facilitate the inclusive growth of communities and social harmony,


  • The area to be covered under PMJVK would be 57% more as compared to the existing MsDP.


  • The MsDP covered 196 districts of the country whereas PMJVK will cover 308 districts of the country.

Funding of the scheme would be from budgetary provision of the Ministry. The Expenditure Finance Committee, Department of Expenditure has recommended for the continuation of the programme as PMJVK at the cost of Rs. 3,972 crore as per layout below:









Funds required








Total for three years (in Rs. crore)




The Programme aims to address development deficits in the identified minority concentration areas. The identification of minority concentration areas has been done on the basis of presence of substantial population of notified Minority Communities based on Census, 2011. The inclusion of Minority Concentration District Headquarters along with the Minority Concentration Towns having population more than 25,000, Minority Concentration Blocks and Cluster of Villages as per Census, 2011 data, will extend the coverage of population of minority communities.

Special focus by earmarking funds:
(i) 80% of the resources under the PMJVK would be earmarked for projects related to education, health and skill development.

(ii) 33 to 40% of resources under the PMJVK would be specifically allocated for women centric projects.

MsDP has been identified as one of the Core of the Core Schemes under National Development Agenda in the Report of the Sub-Group of Chief Ministers on Rationalization of Centrally Sponsored Schemes, which was constituted by NITI Aayog. The programme was launched in the year 2008-09 in 90 identified Minority Concentration Districts (MCDs) having at least 25% minority population and below national average with respect to one or both of the backwardness parameters with the objective of developing assets for socio-economic and basic amenities. The MCDs were identified on the basis of census 2001 data.

(Adapted from PIB)