Almost 102 years after Canada turned away more than 376 migrants, mostly Sikhs from India, Canadian PM will formally apologise on May 18 for the incident that happened due to discriminatory laws of the time.

Komagata Maru tragedy 

The Japnese steamship Komagata Maru, carrying 376 immigrants, mostly Sikhs from India, was denied entry by the Canadian Government in May 1914 and was forced to return to India. It is believed that Candadian authorities refused entry to Sikhs under pressure of british authorities. British authorities were fearful that these Sikhs might join the revolutionary movement , Ghadar party , prevalent in North America. This movement was dedicated to cause of India’s Independence.

Two months later, the ship arrived in Calcutta where British Officers fired upon the passengers in which 19 people died, to force them to board Punjab bound train.