Source: The Indian Express

After three months of mass protests triggered the worst crisis in Hong Kong since it returned to Chinese control in 1997, the city’s Beijing-backed Chief Executive announced the withdrawal of the proposed Extradition law, which was at the heart of the people’s anger.

It is not immediately clear whether this alone would return peace and orderliness to Hong Kong’s streets.

This is because the protests that began this June over the Bill (now withdrawn) that would have allowed the extradition to China of suspects accused of certain crimes has, over the past several weeks, expanded to cover a wider spectrum of demands, including core political reforms and an inquiry into police brutality with protesters.

So, are the protests likely to stop?
Online, protesters underlined that they had “five demands, not one less”. Besides the formal withdrawal of the Bill, the other four were: an independent probe into police actions; amnesty for arrested protesters; direct elections for all lawmakers and Chief Executive; and withdrawing the reference to participants in a major protest on June 12 as “rioters”.