Breaking down several times in his half-hour speech addressed at the Annual Chief Ministers and Chief Justices Conference, Chief Justice of India, Tirath Singh Thakur, launched a scathing attack on government inaction. He squarely blamed the Centre for stalling appointment of judges to the High Courts. He also blamed the Centre of doing nothing to increase the number of courts and judges in the country, thus denying the poor man and under trial prisoners their due of justice.

The Chief Justice asked what the point of ‘Make in India’ was and inviting foreign direct investments when investors are increasingly doubtful about the timely delivery of justice.

Citing the enormous pressure on judges in India, right from the lower courts to the Supreme Court, Chief Justice of India said an Indian judge on an average disposed of 2,600 cases every year compared to 81 cases by his/her American counterpart.

The Prime Minister in his response said that the judges and the government should sit together and work for a more efficient tomorrow rather than dwell in the past.

He also said the ordinary citizen has full faith in the judiciary and the government would not let that faith in the judges falter. He blamed the flood of archaic laws that fill up the statute books, faulty or vague drafting of laws and their multiple interpretations by various courts as reasons for prolonged litigation.