In March 2016, the Ministry of Home Affairs had put Compassion International on a “prior permission” watchlist, effectively curtailing its ability to bring in funds for NGOs in India, some of which were allegedly used of carrying out religious conversions.

What has happened now?
After several appeals, Compassion International announced that it is shutting down its India operations on March 15 this year.

Allegations on Indian Government by Compassion International
Compassion International alleges that Government has deliberately targeted it because its activities are perceived by government as against the Hindusim. However government has denied these allegations.

About Compassion International
Compassion International is a Christian humanitarian aid child sponsorship organization dedicated to the long-term development of children living in poverty around the world. Compassion International, headquartered in Colorado, USA functions in 26 countries including India. The organization provides aid to more than 1,700,000 children.