The present Aadhar bill introduced in Lok Sabha seeks to address these concerns. The bill prohibits any official from revealing information in data repository to anyone. However, there are certain exceptions:

1.    Section 29 clause 4 of bill states that no Aadhar number of biometric information will be made public except for the purpose as may be specified by regulations

2.    Section 33 states that confidentiality of data will not stand in case of issues pertaining to natonal security. However, the access of data from central repository will be allowed on a direction of officer who is not below the rank of Joint Secretary of govt.

Reasons for concerns over protection of data:

1.    The Aadhar data may be used by companies for various marketing activities.

2.    The leakage of Aadhar data will erode privacy of citizens. The private information pertaining to biometrics such as thumb prints, iris scanning, etc may be used by companies to create duplicate identification devices.