Tuesday night’s suicide attack on Istanbul’s Ataturk airport that killed 41 people is yet another reminder of the dangerous times Turkey is living through. Its southern border has become a transit point for jihadists travelling to Syria. Western analysts say it is an act of the Islamic State. 

Result of Controversial strategies adopted by Turkey

It is a blowback for Turkey’s Policy in Syria. From the advent of the Syrian crisis, he has led the call for President Bashar al-Assad’s resignation. 

Turkey kept its 800-km-long border with Syria open so that militants from around the world could transit to Syria. This ‘open-border’ approach was pivotal in the IS’s efforts to build an army of foreign fighters.

But, playing with extremist groups for short-term goals is invariably counterproductive in the long run. By the time Turkey started changing its policy towards the IS, partly under pressure from Western allies, the group was already a formidable terrorist organisation and had turned its bombers northwards.