Delhi faces the worst smog in 17 years as visibility in the national capital remained poor and the city choked its way through a haze.

Warning by IMD
“As per the India Meteorological Department, the smog on November 2 was the worst in 17 years. This demands emergency response to protect the vulnerable – those who are suffering from respiratory and heart diseases and children. The government should aggressively inform all and advise them to stay indoors and avoid outdoor exercises. 

Analysis of Pollution levels
The IMD analysis also found that post-Diwali peak of pollution is higher than the Diwali peak.In a statement, the IMD said the analysis of data from Delhi Pollution Control Committee shows that the levels of PM 2.5 have increased by 62.7 per cent on November 2 as compared to that on Diwali.

On the night of November 1, (12 am to 6 in the morning of November 2), the PM 2.5 concentration had hit 548 microgramme per cubic metre (cu m) — 9 times the standard. The following day (November 2), PM 2.5 concentration (6 am to 12 noon) increased to 696.25 microgramme per cu m — 11.6 times the standard.