Delhi HC refused to ban Burqas in public places
The Delhi High Court declined to ban burqas and other veils in public places in the capital on the ground of them being a threat to security.

A Bench of refused to entertain a public interest litigation (PIL) petition demanding ban on veils in public places as the Bench felt that the prayer made was not in public interest and the issue involved a policy decision.

The plea sought a ban on wearing face veils including burqas, helmets, hoods etc at places like public transport, government buildings and heritage sites in the capital on ground of threat from terror activities.
It is stated that “the use of face coverings and wearing of full body cover like the burqa is a serious security issue and citizens are put to constant risk and fear in the capital which is in violation of Article 21 [protection of life and personal liberty] of the Constitution of India.”

“Face veils, burqas can be used to prevent identification at border check-posts etc. Further, criminals and extremists can use burqas to skip checking at police posts and barricades,” the petitioner had said.