About the terrorist attack
Armed militants killed 20 civilians including an Indian after taking them hostage in a Bangladesh cafe . A total of 18 people were rescued from the restaurant.
Heavily-armed commandos stormed the popular Dhaka eatery in the diplomatic enclave and killed militants who had been holding many people, including foreigners, captive for over 12 hours.

Which organization was behind the attack?
Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the attack .

Situation in Bangladesh
The Muslim-majority Bangladesh has witnessed a wave of deadly attacks on religious minorities and secular bloggers by suspected Islamist militants.
Hindu priests and Buddhist leaders were brutally hacked to death in recent times.  

Reasons for rise in intolerance in Bangladesh
The terror strike in Dhaka is a sign of Bangladesh’s internal political dynamics as well as the continuing appeal of a new wave of religious violence inspired by the Islamic State.
Political developments in the neighbouring country since 2014 such as ban on islamist political parties from participating in elections and the execution of war criminals of 1971 were the key reasons for the violence.