The Election Commission is actively considering revision of its recount rules so that slips generated by the Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) devices can be matched with the Electronic.

The physical count of slips in the VVPAT through a process is under consideration.

What all EC said about the VVPAT system?
1. Terming the machine an “indispensable requirement” to go with the EVM, the EC functionary said the controversy around EVMs and the fairness of the voting process should be put to rest.

2. April-May 2019 Lok Sabha elections would be held with a VVPAT device attached to every EVM. Orders for sufficient number of VVPAT machines had already been placed and these should be made available to the EC by September-October 2018.

3. Commission was looking to hold the Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat Assembly elections at the end of this year with VVPAT machines.

What is VVPAT?
Voter-verifiable paper audit trail (VVPAT ) or verifiable paper record (VPR) is a method of providing feedback to voters.

A VVPAT allows voters the possibility to verify that their votes are cast as intended and can serve as an additional barrier to changing or destroying votes.

(Adapted from The Hindu)