Israel went through the second election in the same year. The results of the election are again inconclusive. The two main political parties of Israel are expected to form coalition government.

Result of recent elections
Israel parliament is called Knesset. It has 120 seats. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu party is Likud party. Likud party is a right wing party. The party has secured 31 seats only. Before this, Benjamin Netanyahu has been prime minister for four continuous terms.

Blue and White, the Opposition of former Army chief Benny Gantz, has won 33 seats.

Previous elections
In the April elections, Mr. Netanyahu failed to form government. At that time, Mr. Gantz offered Netanyahu to form the government. However, Netanyahu refused to form coalition government.

Moreover, Netanyahu who is Israel’s longest serving Prime Minister would be probed within weeks for bribery and fraud against him.

Source: The Hindu