Achievements mentioned by PM in Independence Day Speech

Quicker delivery of government services, wider coverage of Aadhaar, curbing of inflation, more toilets in villages and rural electrification, among other things. 

In his first year Mr. Modi spoke about taking a series of small steps to bring about concrete change; in his second speech from the Red Fort, he held up his development agenda as the counter to the twin evils of casteism and communalism. This year he sought to present himself as a far-sighted statesman who is above petty politics and empty populist gestures, as someone who holds the interests of the country to be more important than his or his party’s electoral prospects. 

Mention of Pakistan

While Mr. Modi was silent on the violence in Kashmir, he had a lot to say about attacks on Balochs in Pakistan. In what was perhaps intended as a hint of India’s capability to intervene, in an unspecified manner, in Balochistan, he said the people there had commended him for highlighting attacks against them by people within Pakistan. 

The warning sent out was that if Pakistan continues to interfere in Kashmir, India can do likewise, making an issue over the violence in Balochistan.