Views of P. Sathasivam 
Human rights commissions in the country could do with more rights of their own, a former Chief Justice of India suggested.

Reliance on Executive to implement recommendations
Speaking at the National Human Rights Commission’s Human Rights Day event here, Justice (retd.) P. Sathasivam, who is now the Governor of Kerala, said the NHRC and State Human Rights Commissions should be able to execute their own orders.

Present status
At present, the commissions can take up cases of human rights violations and make recommendations for monetary compensation to victims, but have to rely on the respective State government to execute the order.
“The commissions, both national and in States, must have the right to execute their orders,” said Justice Sathasivam, adding that the Protection of Human Rights (PHR) Act, 1993, could be amended to that effect.
According to him, while the NHRC and SHRCs act as civil courts when it comes to summoning witnesses or documents, they lack the power to implement orders that the civil courts have.