Jio GigaFiber is a fiber to the home (FTTH) broadband service by the Reliance Industries. It will provide ultrahigh-definition entertainment on TVs, video conferencing, virtual reality gaming, and immersive experiences.

Any FTTH connection, be it Jio, Spectra or Airtel, will be a lot better than normal broadband services. This is because the normal broadband services install fiber right until node (street cabinet) from where the connectivity is extended to your home through copper cable and LAN.

Earlier technology
Copper cable is very old technology and has a very low-quality data service because of noise/disturbance. And LAN connections are also not fast enough since they pass through lots of switches to reach our homes resulting in loss in speed/bandwidth.

Why FTTH is better?
FTTH ensures the delivery of a communication signal over optical fiber from the operator’s site all the way to your home. It is much better and faster way to get broadband.

You must be wondering what it is that makes optical fiber so fast & efficient. Well the answer is that it uses light instead of electricity to carry a signal. And this complete transmission line is made of glass in flexible form.

Furthermore, the phenomenon of total internal reflection in optical fiber, due to its shape, makes sure that high bandwidth signals are transmitted over long distances (city to city or even country to country) without degradation.

It is due to optical fiber that Jio will provide fastest internet at lowest possible cost and pave the path in for a revolutionized broadband in India.