Gairsain possibly could be the Uttarakhand’s new Capital:
In the two-day Assembly session of Uttrakhand, the Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Pary (BJP) agreed that Gairsain — a sleepy village in the Chamoli district — must either be declared the State’s permanent capital or its summer capital. However, both parties are ambivalent about Gairsain’s status.

During the demand for Statehood, the village was proposed to be the State’s capital since it is situated in the hills and could lead to the development of the hill areas, which was the key issue behind the demand for Statehood.

However, when Uttarakhand was given Statehood, Dehradun was made its provisional capital. For 16 years now, consecutive governments have been mulling over the Gairsain issue, and with the elections approaching, the BJP and the Congress highlighted it for political mileage.

No agreement:
Uttarakhand has 70 Assembly seats and declaring Gairsain as the State’s permanent capital could cost the BJP and the Congress 26 seats in the plains of Haridwar, Udham Singh Nagar and Dehradun.
Since both parties fear upsetting voters from the plains, no conclusion could be reached over the status of Gairsain.

Ahead of polls, the BJP and the Congress spar over naming the Garhwal village of Gairsain as capital.