Go is a game played since ancient times in Korea, Japan and china. It is considered one of th most complex games and a game with possibility of infinite number of moves. Go involves two players alternately laying black and white stones on a chequered board like grid of 19 by 19 lines. The winner is the player who manages to seal of more territory.

About AlphaGo:

AlphaGo is a supercomputer based on the most evolved AI which has ever been made. Presently AlphaGo is contesting with world’s top Go player Lee Se-dol of South Korea. The first three games were won by however the fourth game was won by Lee.

According to Lee, AlphaGo lost the fourth game because it is difficult for AlphaGo to respond to unexpected moves by an opponent confusing the supercomputer AlphaGo.

Significance of contest between AlphaGo and Lee:

The most famous AI victory till date came in 1997, when the IBM developed supercomputer Deep blue beat the then world class chess champion Garry Kasparov.

AlphaGo victory over Lee is considered even more significant because of complexities in the game Go. Go is considered as Mount Everest for AI scientists.