The Centre has given up its proposal to build a wall along the Pakistan border in Jammu, originally envisaged as a barrier to cross-border terror.

Opposition to wall

By Pakistan
The wall proposal was opposed by Pakistan, which shot off letters to the United Nations Security Council in 2015 accusing India of converting what it called a “working boundary” into a “quasi international boundary.”

By the Indian Army
The Army too opposed the embankment, saying it would pose hurdles for their forward movement during military operations.

Unlike the Line of Control, the International border is densely populated and has fertile agrarian land. Not many people were willing to let go of their land. We could hardly acquire 25% of the land.

The alternate plan
The Home Ministry is now working on a Comprehensive Integrated Border Management System (CIBMS) for 24X7 surveillance.

The new plan is to have an integrated system of human resources, sensors, networks, intelligence and command and control solutions.

A major component of this system will be the smart fence, which will be a seamless virtual fence, comprising various sensors and laser-based technologies.