About GSAT-11
GSAT-11, India’s advanced and heaviest communication spacecraft to date at 5,700 kg, is to be launched early next year on the European Ariane launch vehicle.
The high-throughput satellite with its multi-spot beam coverage of the country will be far superior to the older generation three-tonne INSAT/GSAT spacecraft.
GSAT-11 is designed to generate a bandwidth of more than 12 gbps primarily for users of Internet driven services, VSAT operations and rural connectivity.

Future Heavy satellites launches
Globally many operators are putting up such high throughput satellites for commercial use while ISRO is working on putting up five such in the near future.
Paris-based launch company Arianespace announced this latest order from old customer Indian Space Research Organisation; GSAT-11 would be its 21st Indian spacecraft.

Heavy Satellite Launches in the past
The INSAT/GSATs have not exceeded 3,400 kg; the last heaviest was GSAT-10 launched in 2012.
Also, ISRO’s newly readied medium-lift launcher can only lift satellites up to 2,000 kg.