Haryana govt. has decided to rename Gurgaon as “Gurugram” and Mewat as “Nuh”.

Reasons for renaming Gurgaon as “Gurugram”:

Gurgaon was a great centre of learning where Guru Dronacharya taught the Pandavas and Kauravas during epic Mahabharata.  The town derives its name from Guru Dronacharya who was gifted the village as gurudakshina by his students, the pandavas. 

It came to be known as “Gurugram”, which in course of time got distorted to Gurgaon.

Reasons for renaming Mewat as “Nuh”:

Mewat is a cultural and geographical region spread beyond Haryana in adjoining UP and Rajasthan. Thus, Mewat refers to region and not just a district. Consequently , the district has been renamed on name of its headquarters “Nuh”

Procedure for renaming :
After the order of the state government, the proposal for the name change will now be sent to union government for its approval.  Then, the changed name will be notified through official gazette.