Haryana Government has taken the lead to set up a pilot corridor for the “Caterpillar Train (C-Train)”, a new concept for urban mass-transit solution in Gurgaon. It has been designed by an Indian Railway officer Ashwani Upadhyaya which had won a global award at the MIT in the United States. The C Train concept was co-invented by Ashwani Upadhyaya along with Emil Jacob, both PhD scholars at MIT. C-Train, envisages a citywide network of lightweight, elevated train coaches running at about 100 kmph.
What is Caterpillar Train?
The ‘Caterpillar Train’ is a miniature form of a tram that requires only a five metre-wide road for installation, making it a suitable mode of public transport near residential areas. Its coaches have wheels below and on top, giving it a caterpillar-like appearance.

The train is envisaged to have lightweight cars that run on top of or suspended below elevated rails supported by steel poles. The weight, cost and size of the coaches, apart from usage of land, is very less in comparison to a metro train. Unlike the metro, which relies on heavy pillars and corridors, a caterpillar train runs on poles joined together to form an arch.