Indian and Malaysian armies conducted a joint military exercise, and this was the second phase of the exercise.

Here are the major facts about the exercise.

1: The exercise was conducted in forests in Malaysia under tough and humid environment.

2: During the field training exercise, Indian army’s combat engineers defused the Improvised Explosive Device (IED).

3: The joint exercise, concluded on May 13, is aimed at sharing the expertise of both the contingents in conducting counterinsurgency operations in a jungle terrain.

4: The Malaysian contingent is being represented by troops from 1 Royal Ranger Regiment and the Royal Malay Regiment, known for their experience in jungle warfare.

Gagan Shakti
The military exercise comes a month after the Indian Air Force’s massive exercise named Gagan Shakti.

From Sukhoi 30 to C-17, over 1,000 aircraft participated in the largest exercise of the Indian Air Force in three decades.                                                                              

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