What has happened?
Facebook Inc. chief executive Mark Zuckerberg returned to Capitol Hill for a second round of testimony in front of lawmakers that lasted well over four hours. Facebook has been consumed by turmoil for nearly a month, since it came to light that millions of users’ personal information was wrongly harvested from the website by Cambridge Analytica, a political consultancy that has counted US President Donald Trump’s election campaign among its clients. The latest estimate of affected users is up to 87 million.Here are highlights from Day 2 of Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony before the US Congress:

Mark Zuckerberg completes US testimony in Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data scandal

A few closing points from Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony:

■ Mark Zuckerberg says company has not seen activity by Russia or China to scrape Facebook data.

■ Zuckerberg says Facebook’s audits of data harvesting by outside apps will take ‘many months’ to complete.

■ Zuckerberg says he does not know when Facebook will launch new European privacy controls, says “we’re working on it”.

■ Zuckerberg tells US Congress that Facebook cannot stop all unlawful ads, but it needs to be more ‘proactive’ to take down unlawful opioid ads, will work on automated software.

Zuckerberg asked if lack of diversity hobbled Facebook on Russia
Lawmakers’ questions for Mark Zuckerberg included whether a lack of diversity among Facebook Inc. workers left the social media giant blind to Russian attempts to inflame minority groups during the 2016 US presidential election. “I’m concerned that there are not eyes that are culturally competent looking at these things,” said Representative Yvette Clarke, a New York Democrat. She asked whether “the lack of diversity—culturally competent personnel in your C-suite and throughout your organization”—kept Facebook from detecting Russian attempts to incite racial and religious divisions. “I agree that we need to work on diversity,” Zuckerberg replied. “In this specific case I don’t think that that was the issue.” Facebook was “‘frankly slow” in identifying “the whole Russian information operation and not just that specific example,” he said.

Snippets from Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony on Day 2 of his hearing

■ Zuckerberg says Facebook keeps logs of users’ web browsing ‘temporarily’ to find out interests for ad targeting.

■ Zuckerberg declines to say if he disagrees with any parts of European privacy law, says “i need to think about that”.

■ Zuckerberg says Facebook has 200 people working on counterterrorism.

■ Zuckerberg says he would want to get people’s consent before using facial recognition for non-Facebook users.

Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook collects internet data on non-users

Mark Zuckerberg, under stern questioning by US House lawmakers about the social network’s privacy practices, said Facebook Inc. does collect digital information on consumers who aren’t registered as users, acknowledging something that has been reported but not publicly spelled out by the company.

“In general we collect data on people who are not signed up for Facebook for security purposes,” Zuckerberg said .

No Facebook data storage in Russia: Mark Zuckerberg
In a revelation that reduces Moscos’s potential access to data, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg during Day 2 of his testimony said that the social media firm doesn’t store any data in Russia. He later added that his social media is “not collecting data from verbal conversations”.

Zuckerberg on Facebook’s ad policy

Mark Zuckerberg tells US Congress that Facebook cannot stop all unlawful ads, in response to questions on painkiller ads. “Facebook will take down unlawful opioid ads ‘if people flag those ads for us,” he said.“Even 20,000 people reviewing it (ads) can’t look at everything”, he added.

Cambridge Analytica’s Alexander Tayler resigns as acting CEO

Cambridge Analytica said Alexander Tayler Has resigned as acting CEO of the data firm. Tayler will resume former position as chief data officer in order to focus on the various technical investigations and inquiries.

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