Navy’s new, indigenously designed guided missile destroyer INS Chennai was dedicated to the city whose name it bears.

India leases nuclear submarines from Russia and calls them INS Chakra.

What is the name of indigenous submarine of India?
First indigenous nuclear submarine being made in India has been named INS Arihant, and the next one, INS Aridhaman.

The conventional submarine, which has been made in India, and currently undergoing sea trials, is called INS Kalvari.

The selection of names of ships and submarines of the Indian Navy is done by the Internal Nomenclature Committee (INC) at the Defence Ministry.

Composition of INC
The INC is headed by the Assistant Chief of the Naval Staff (Policy & Plans), and has representatives from the historical section of the Defence Ministry, Department of Archaeology in the Ministry of Human Resource Development, and the Ministry of Surface Transport, among others.

On what basis does the Indian Navy give names to its vessels?
As per the policy guidelines, the recommendations of this committee are approved by the Navy Chief. Names, crests and mottos of major war vessels require the assent of the President as well.

To maintain uniformity in the names of vessels of one type, the Internal Nomenclature Committee follows certain broad parameters, which have been enumerated in the policy guidelines. So, a cruiser or a destroyer is named after a state capital, a large city, or a great king or warrior from India’s history — for example, INS Delhi, INS Kolkata, INS Mysore, INS Mumbai, INS Rana and INS Ranjit.

The frigates are named after a mountain range, a river or a weapon, but care is taken to ensure that the names of ships of the same class have the same initial letter. INS Sahaydri, INS Shivalik, INS Satpura, INS Talwar, INS Teg, INS Brahmaputra.

(Adapted from The Hindu)