Initiative by External Affairs Ministry 
Taking the Modi government’s commitment to reach out to all countries worldwide, the Ministry of External Affairs has issued letters to various Ministers “assigning” them dozens of specific countries to engage with.

Statement issued by Sushma Swaraj
“By 2016-end, we will not leave any country where Indian Ministers have not gone.” She said that the Ministry had identified 68 countries which had not witnessed Ministerial-level visits from India.

Policy of GOI with regard to Foreign Relations
This is part of the Government’s aim of ensuring ‘sampark’ and ‘samvad’, contact and dialogue with all countries of the world. The idea is to reach those countries where not even a Ministerial visit has taken place for the last two years. Last year, the government had engaged with 101 countries, and by June, this year, this number had increased to as much as 140.