Possibility of India Securing NSG membership
As the two-day extraordinary session of the Nuclear Suppliers Group discussing India’s membership came to a close, Indian negotiators are sensing a chance of securing NSG membership. 

Challenges to India’s membership
1. The number of those countries holding out against India was “in single digits”, and China continues to have reservations on India’s membership application. Among the other countries are Turkey, Kazakhstan and Ireland, while Mexico and Switzerland have switched over to support India after PM Modi’s visits there.

2. Most of the countries that were not ready to accept India’s membership spoke of the need for a process rather than an exception for India. This process may demand India to sign Nuclear Non-Proliferation treaty.

3. The biggest opposition is from China.To that end sources said Indian negotiators have been working hard to find common ground with their Chinese counterparts, adding that China had not yet directly informed India of the reasons for its opposition. In addition, the government has considerably softened its public criticism of China. 

4. Application of Pakistan for membership of NSG is also pending along with that of India. Some nations are demanding that India should be made member of NSG only if Pakistan is also made member of NSG.

Procedure to get NSG membership
The final decision is expected to at the NSG annual plenary in Seoul, South Korea on June 24-25, when the 48 member countries must decide by consensus on applications by India and Pakistan.