India signed Nuclear Deal with Japan
India signed a historic civilian nuclear deal with Japan during the annual bilateral summit held in Tokyo. However, the final seal on the text had to wait legislative clearance from Japan, which has 13 civil nuclear agreements with countries including France and the U.S.

India is the first non-member of the non-proliferation treaty (NPT) to have signed such a deal with Japan.

Significant Clause in the deal
The deal includes the option that Japan can give a year’s notice before terminating it in case India breaks the nuclear testing moratorium voluntarily adopted by India.

Importance of Nuclear Deal:
1. The deal is significant as it will help guarantee Japan’s continued support to India’s civil nuclear programme.

2. Apart from the Russian reactors, the planned nuclear reactors with France and the U.S. depend on Japanese parts.

3. That apart, the deal will bring Japan into the Indian nuclear market where France and Russia already have a strong presence.