Sri Lanka is in talks to offer the port of Trincomalee to India.
Sri lanka wants to offer Trincomalee port, which is one of the best deep sea ports in the world, to IndiaTrincomalee as Sri Lanka wants to maintain a neutral stand and provide equal access to its ports to both China and India.

Hambantota hurdles
Sri Lanka’s experience with the Chinese, who carried out major infrastructural work at the Hambantota port in southern coast of the island nation, has put a heavy burden on the country.
Sri Lankan experience [with the Chinese] on Hambantota has not been very beneficial as SL is facing a heavy debt burden due to the work done in that port. The problems and corruption in the project prompted it to review our policy on infrastructural development.

Debt burden
The port of Hambantota was conceived as a major Sri Lanka-China project during the presidency of Mahinda Rajapakse, but the controversy around the debt burden has slowed down the project.