1. In a clear reference to Pakistan but without naming it, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday told G20 leaders that “one single nation” in South Asia was spreading terror in the region, and said that the international community should isolate those who sponsor and support terrorism instead of rewarding them.

2. Modi also raised the issue of the China-Pakistan economic corridor with Chinese President Xi Jinping, expressing concern that it passed through Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, which is a major source of terrorism for India.

Panagariya’s response on various issues in G20 summit

1. Paris Agreement on Climate change
India’s chief negotiator stated that India was not ready in terms of domestic actions to ratify the agreement before 2016-end, but that it plans to do so at the earliest.

2. Fossil fuels
India did not agree on a “date certain” for ending the subsidies. “There was a discussion on energy, including ending fossil fuel subsidies, and this has been a commitment from the past by the G20. But there was no agreement on that.

3. Base Erosion Profit Sharing
India further made a strong pitch for the adoption of measures to tackle BEPS (Base Erosion Profit Shifting) to countries that are not part of G20.

4. Denouncing protectionism in trade
Denouncing protectionism significantly, brought the issue of excess steel capacity in China under the international radar.
Asked if the issue of China’s steel capacity impacted India, given that steel companies in the country were in a bad shape and contributing to the non-performing assets of banks.

5.Other topics of discussion

   1.Sustainable growth with innovation




   5.Influx of refugees

   6.AMR (Anti Microbial Resistance)