India’s response to a low HDI rank must be good education and a higher health outlay

India’s rank of 131 among 188 countries on the UNDP’s Human Development Index for 2015 and has ‘medium’ performance. 

Major problems that India is dealing with 
1)    As the HDI data show, significant inequalities persist, particularly between States and regions, which act as major barriers to improvement. 
2)    The percentage of women in the workforce is the lowest in India among the BRICS countries, and the national record on the population that lives in severe multidimensional poverty is also the worst in the bloc. 

Way out 
a)    A central focus on social indicators is necessary for India to break free from its position as an underachiever. 
b)    The rise in revenues from all sources should go towards making public education of high standards accessible to all and delivering on the promised higher budgetary outlay for health care. 
c)    A conscious effort to help traditionally backward regions will help eliminate the losses produced by inequalities that lower national human development indices.