Setting the stage for a prime ministerial visit from India in 2017, Israeli president Reuven Rivlin arrived here on a six-day visit on Monday.

Cooperation likely in Agriculture
Mr. Rivlin is likely to focus on agriculture cooperation between the two sides during the visit. He is accompanied by Michael Mirilashvili, chairman of Watergen, one of the most important futuristic companies of Israel that specialises in optimal use of water resource.

Significance of the visit
Mr. Rivlin’s visit is expected to pave the way for the visit of Prime Minister Modi to Israel, which had been expected since his election in 2014. “Since the visit of Ariel Sharon in 2003, there has been no visit by a head of government or the state from Israel to India, despite numerous ministerial trips from both the sides. 

Mr. Rivlin is the second president of Israel to visit India in two decades. The first was Ezer Weizman who visited Delhi in 1997. Mr. Rivlin’s arrival will set in motion bilateral exchanges to mark twenty-five years of formal diplomatic ties which was started in 1992 at the end of the Cold War.