ISRO is preparing to launch 21 satellites in a single launch by end of May, 2106. These satellites will be launched through Polar Satellite launch vehicle namely PSLV- C33.

These 21 satellites would consist of satellites of commercial enterprises, foreign government and non-government satellites, satellites of Indian Universities among others. The largest of these satellites will be Cartosat- 2C.

Characteristics of Cartosat- 2C

  1. Cartosat- 2C is India’s high resolution, earth observation satellite weighing around 700 kgs.
  2. Its camera can spot objects that are 60 cm wide or long.
  3. It is primarily meant to cater to military’s requirements.

Past Missions involving multiple launches

  1. NASA holds a record of placing the highest number of 29 satellites in orbit in a single launch in year 2013.
  2. ISRO has launched 10 satellites in orbit in a single launch in year 2008.

Advantage of mastering capability to launch multiple satellites in single mission

Large number of satellites in a single mission adds to ISRO’s capability to service more and more satellites commercially.