If things go as per plan, Kerala could have near-universal Internet access in a little over a year’s time. Last week’s nod by the State Cabinet for the Kerala Fibre Optic Network project clears the path for a Kerala-wide optical fibre network by December 2020. At ₹1,548 crore, it is, without doubt, an ambitious project.

What is Kerala’s plan?

Over two million BPL families in Kerala shall be provided free Internet access. The idea is to charge affordable rates for other families. The network, to be set up by the Kerala State Electricity Board Ltd. and the Kerala State IT Infrastructure Ltd., will also connect 30,000 government offices and educational institutions.

Why project is commendable?

What makes it commendable is its recognition that Internet access is a basic human right. No other Indian State has recognised Internet access in this manner till now. This is also in sync with what the UN has been articulating in recent years, based on the Internet’s role in enabling freedom of speech and reducing inequality, among other things.

Source: The Hindu

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