Details of Verdict by KWDT-II 
In its verdict, the KWDT-II (Krishna Water Disputes Tribunal – II) decided to maintain status quo on the allocation made to upper riparian States Maharashtra and Karnataka and take up further action on distribution of water to Telangana and Andhra Pradesh out of the allocation made to the erstwhile united State. The tribunal had given four week time to the two States to file their views and objections.  

The verdict would mean that the project specific allocations and other operational protocols would be confined to the two States much against their demand that allocations be made afresh among the four riparian States.

Demand of Review by Andhra and Telangana
It comes in the light of forceful pleas submitted by the two States on the need to reallocate water among the four States consequent on the bifurcation of the erstwhile AP.
They contended that the allocation in 2013 was made before the enactment of the AP Reorganisation Act and that even Parliament had given its endorsement for reconsideration of the allocations made before bifurcation.
The two States argued that Section 89 in the AP Reorganisation Act 2014 was implicitly incorporated to ensure reallocation among all the riparian States, but the tribunal maintained that the provision pertained to Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. The Union Water Resources Ministry too had concurred with the view that the Section was confined to the two States and favoured redistribution of water between them.

Karnataka hailed the verdict
The Karnataka government hailed the Krishna Water Disputes Tribunal-II’s decision not to re-look into the allocation of water among the four riparian States.

Decision by KWDT- I
In its 2010 report, the tribunal had allocated 666 tmcft to Maharashtra, 911 tmcft to Karnataka and 1,001 tmcft to A.P.