What has happened?

The police personnel were attacked by lawyers in police station adjoining district courts of Delhi. Moreover, Delhi High Court allegedly shielded the lawyers while being harsh on the police.

What was the immediate response of Police?

The police personnel sieged the Delhi police headquarters. The police headquarters were being guarded by the CRPF on Wednesday.

What are the other reasons of resentment?

The outburst of the constables in Delhi is also the result of their accumulated resentment against senior officers. Last year, a Delhi IPS officer slapped a constable for stopping his private vehicle that was on the wrong carriageway.

Under the direct supervision of the Home Ministry, the Delhi police is often caught in the crossfire of many political battles between Delhi political leadership and Union government, and junior personnel are often made the scapegoats.

Analysis of present situation

At a broader and deeper level, the ugly scuffle between the police and lawyers in the capital is an alarming sign of collapse of the rule of law. Lawyers and the police are critical to law enforcement, and their unfailing fealty to the law and the legal process is an essential attribute that a society counts on. Far from adhering to the principles of their respective professions, when they take the law into their own hands, it is a case of the fence eating the crop; it is the sign of a dysfunctional society turning on itself.

The higher judiciary has often been a beacon of hope for the rule of law, but that confidence is not as strong as before. The judicial intervention in the clash between lawyers and the police must not only be impartial and fair but also be seen as such. To restore public confidence in policing and judicial process, strict action must be taken against those who indulged in violence — an example must be made of them. That is essential also to restore the majesty of the law and its enforcement.

Source: The Hindu

Relevant for GS Prelims & Mains Paper II; Polity & Governance