Despite the unprecedented crackdown by the Bar Council of India, which suspended 126 Tamil Nadu lawyers, more than 3,000 advocates from across the State thronged the city to lay siege to the Madras High Court, demanding the immediate withdrawal of the recent amendments to the statutory rules of the court that empower judges to debar errant lawyers from continuing practice.

New provisions introduced in rules of Madras High Court
1.    For nearly two months, the advocates have been protesting against the amendments made to the 46-year-old statutory Rules of the High Court.

2.    The new provisions included to Rule 14 empower judges to debar advocates 
a)    who browbeat or abuse judges, 
b)    lay siege to court halls, 
c)    tamper with court records, 
d)    appear in court under the influence of liquor, 
e)    spread unsubstantiated allegations against judges or 
f)    accept money either in the name of a judge or on the pretext of influencing him.