Vote share of BJP
The jump in the vote share and the absolute addition of votes over 2014 reveals the magnitude of BJP’s win. BJP’s total vote share increased by a significant 6.5 percentage points compared to 2014. Of the 60.37 crore total votes polled in this election, more than 22.6 crore were for BJP. The total number of votes for BJP rose by 32 per cent or 5.5 crore compared to 17.1 crore votes it had got five years ago.

Vote share of Congress
In contrast, the Congress vote share jumped marginally from 19.3 to 19.6 per cent. In aggregate terms, party added 1.17 crore votes from its 10.69 crore votes in 2014.

The states that had the largest share in BJP’s swollen vote share include 17 states/UTs where the party got more than 50 per cent of the total votes this time. The only place where the BJP’s votes came down is in Andhra Pradesh where it has fallen by 7.5 percent.

Issues on which elections were fought
For the Opposition, too, the victory was stunning. Clearly, its narrative of rural distress, effects of demonetisation, depressed commodity prices, joblessness, sluggish private investment and sliding consumption pattern failed to strike chords with voters across caste, class and geography. Instead, the BJP succeeded in making national pride and Modi’s popularity an issue for electoral choices. The verdict also marked the lowest ebb for Left parties which shrunk to their historic low.