PAC chairman will be replaced by Mallikarjun Kharge. The chairman of PAC has a tenure of 1 year.

The Public Accounts Committee ( PAC )
The Public Accounts Committee ( PAC ) is a committee of selected members of Parliament, constituted by the Parliament of India , for examining the revenue and the expenditure of the Government of India .

About PAC
1.    The PAC is formed every year with a strength of not more than 22 members of which 15 are from Lok Sabha and 7 from Rajya Sabha.

2.    The term of office of the members is one year. 

3.    The Chairman is appointed by the Speaker of Lok Sabha. Since 1967, the chairman of the committee is selected from the opposition. Earlier, it was headed by a member of the ruling party. There is no bar on the number of terms the chairperson can hold that position.
4.    Its chief function is to examine public accounts and the audit report of Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) after it is laid in the Parliament. CAG assists the committee during the course of investigation. 

5.    None of the 22 members shall be a minister in the government.