Inquiry states that Russian transported missile knocked down the flight MH17

The missile that downed flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine was transported from Russia, a criminal inquiry revealed.

Investigators said they had "irrefutable evidence" that the BUK missile system was used to blow the Malaysia Airlines plane out of the sky, investigators also confirmed the device was fired from a field in a part of eastern Ukraine then controlled by pro-Russia separatists.

The new details appeared to back up long-standing accusations from Ukraine and the West that pro-Russian rebels were to blame using a missile which may have been provided by Moscow.

Details of the tragedy

The Boeing 777 was ripped apart mid-air during a flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur over Ukraine, where a war pitting separatists allegedly armed by Russia against the Kiev government erupted in April 2014.

All 298 people on board the plane including 196 Dutch citizens were killed.

But despite two official international investigations, the burning questions of who gave the orders and who pulled the trigger remain unresolved.