Sixty-one Members of Parliament have submitted a petition to initiate removal proceedings against Justice C.V. Nagarjuna Reddy of the Hyderabad High Court, to Rajya Sabha chairperson, Hamid Ansari. Mr. Ansari is yet to give any ruling on it.

Reasons for submitting petition
1. There is an allegation made by a Mr. Rama Krishna, formerly principal junior civil judge, , currently under suspension, that he was forced by Justice C.V. Nagarjuna Reddy to remove the name of a Mr. Pavan Kumar Reddy, who happens to be the brother of Justice Reddy, from a dying declaration recorded by Mr. Rama Krishna when he was posted as magistrate at Rayachoty. Mr. Pavan Kumar Reddy is the additional public prosecutor of Rayachoty courts,” said the petition.

The dying declaration allegedly recorded by Mr Rama Krishna was made by one M. Ramanujulu, who happened to be the “servant of Mr. Pavan Reddy” and had reportedly incriminated him in a crime.

2. The petition also cites pamphlets published by a local non-governmental organisation of Kadapa — Gadhikot Dalita Nyayaporata Committee — that allege that Justice Reddy and his brother have forcibly taken over land belonging to Dalit communities in the area.