What is OIC?
Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) is an international organization founded in 1969, consisting of 57 member states. The organization states that it is ‘the collective voice of the Muslim world’ and works to ‘safeguard and protect the interests of the Muslims in the spirit of promoting international peace and harmony’. The OIC has permanent delegations to the United Nations and the European Union. The headquarters of OIC is located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

A few countries with significant Muslim populations, such as Russia and Thailand, sit as Observer States, while others, such as India and Ethiopia, are not members.

Dispute With India
OIC regards disputed areas of Kashmir as ‘occupied by India’. Although roughly 18 crore Muslims live in India, India has not been given membership of OIC. Pakistan opposes India’s entry into the OIC.

What are the remarks of OIC on Article 370?
OIC called on India to restore Article 370 of the constitution. However, It is also extremely doubtful if the statement issued by the Contact Group reflects faithfully the national positions of the individual member states. The United Arab Emirates, for instance, conferred the Order of Zayed, its highest civilian award on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, more than a week after New Delhi’s moves on Article 370, and declared that Kashmir was India’s internal matter.

Source: The Hindu