During visit to Iran, PM Modi will meet Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and  Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. 
The visit is expected to include discussion on the following issues:

Chabahar Port : The Port of Chabahar (or Chah Bahar) is a seaport in Chah Bahar in southeastern Iran. It is the Iranian port with direct access to the ocean. Indian is seeking role in construction and modernisation of this port.
Chabahar port is relevant for India on two counts:
a)    Chabahar port is connected to Afghanistan by Zarang-Delaram road. Increased trade of Afghanistan through Chabahar port will reduce dependence of Afghanistan on Pakistan.
b)    Indian presence at Chabahar port will help in countering Chinese presence at Gwadar port of Pakistan.

International North-South Transport Corridor : The International North South Transport Corridor (INSTC) is a multi-modal trade transport network that includes rail, road, and water transport from Mumbai in India via Bandar Abbas in Iran to Moscow in Russia. It addresses the need for greater economic and energy cooperation between South, Central and the West Asian region.
The INSTC envisages movement of goods from Mumbai (India) to Bandar Abbas or Chabahar (Iran) by sea, from Bandar Abbas or Chabahar to Bandar-e-Anzali (an Iranian port on the Caspian Sea) by road, and then from Bandar-e-Anzali to Astrakhan (a Caspian port in the Russian Federation) by ship across the Caspian Sea, and thereafter from Astrakhan to other regions of the Russian Federation and further into Europe by Russian railways.
The successful activation of the corridor will help connect India to Russia within 16-21 days at competitive freight rates leading to development of trade on the INSTC.

Sanctions were lifted four months ago after Tehran followed through on the commitments agreed at the nuclea