Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani announcement: 

Jio unit’s commercial Offer starting September 5 
1. Lifetime free voice calls and free roaming, and data plans priced at an average of Rs.50 per GB2. RIL customers will also enjoy free data till the end of 2016.
3.As part of the introductory offer, users will have access to unlimited LTE data and national voice, video and messaging services free of cost up to December 31.
4. After 31st December it will offer 10 tariff plans, starting at Rs.19 a day for occasional users, Rs.149 a month for low data users and Rs.4,999 a month for heavy data users and average data prices of Rs.50 per GB, which would be amongst the lowest in the world.

“The era of paying for voice calls is ending,” Mr. Ambani said at the company’s annual general meeting.

Possible outcomes of the major step taken by the RIL
1. It may signal an all-out price war among the telcos and users can expect cost of data going down in the range of 25-35 per cent.
2. Pointed out at possibilities of people opting for two SIM cards for voice and data.